My style is classic, with flowers, garlands and rose cut diamonds as my trademark. The hippie style has also been very close to my heart.  Personal customer service is important to me. In design the most important thing is to create a jewelry that suits the customer’s style and personality. I am always honest to my customers, this is the most important rule that I learned from my father. I only design jewelries that I like myself.

I am very proud that my own style is recognizable in all my jewelries. For me, handing the finished piece of jewelry to the customer is a very important moment. This is how I can be sure that the customer is pleased.

Nature and my family are central concepts in my jewelry design – especially late autumn, when the hues created by nature are at their richest, lichen crunches underfoot in the forest, and the pools of water get their first layer of frost.

My passion is also to design and create beautiful booklets, whom are filled with my designed jewelries. I am delighted that my daughters have inherited the jewelry artistry.  I design and photograph my booklets with my oldest daughter, Emmy  Alexandra. In addition, Emmy designs and maintains the Annette Tillander  website. My youngest daughter, Fanny Henrica Alexandra appears in the photographs and she is also interested in photography.